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Horse & Hound Retirement

Specializing in Hounds 

Heidi's Horse & Hound Retirement is a registered Not for Profit, located in Meaford, Ontario. Specializing in foxhounds, we rehabilitate and re-home ‘retired’ hunting hounds and horses.

We work with hunt clubs, private dog owners and other dog rescues. We are passionate in the pursuit of finding loving homes for these hounds to live out their years.

We find forever family's for our happy hounds to spend their lives with. They are obedient and responsive, friendly & social enjoying the companionship of people and other animals.

They easily become part of the family. Our retired hounds are not looking to hunt anything but the couch. Our younger hounds make perfect riding, hiking or walking companions.

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Who we are

It all started with “Playboy”, a hound puppy I was looking after for the summer. As a “Puppy Walker” for TNYH I fostered a foxhound puppy or two to socialize them with other dogs and animals, teach them their names, introduce them to walking with good manners, and to just let them grow up and mature. I noticed Playboy had started limping a week or so prior to when he was supposed to return to the kennels. I assumed he had strained something playing rough with his sister “Passion”. While she went back to the kennels without him, Playboy stayed to rest and recover. When it did not get better over time, we had x-rays taken. It was then discovered that he had OCD (a bone growth disorder) in his shoulder and would need surgery to correct it. Unfortunately even with surgery a hunt career would not be in Playboy’s future. At this point there had not been a good solution for a hound that cannot, or does not want to hunt, or for hounds that had a good hunting career, but had enough and now and would prefer to lay in the shade under a tree than chase things.

In 2016, with the help of my husband Derek Mach, we started Heidi’s Horse and Hound Retirement, which is a registered not for profit that rehabilitates and rehomes “retired” hounds and horses, hunting dogs, and rescues. We also have been able to help several rescues, private owners, and other not for profits/ dog rescues. To date we have successfully found homes for 43 retired hounds, and 25 rescue hounds.  It has been such a positive experience working with and helping these animals. Hounds are such a smart, agreeable dog that it does not take them long to figure out their new purpose and settle right in. Our retired hounds are already very well trained. We utilize this training when rehabilitating the hounds from kennel to house life. They are obedient and good listeners, they are friendly and social enjoying the companionship of people and other animals. They easily become part of the family.

 Playboy helped start something very special. He is a big part of our family, giving us so much joy and love. Playboy is a wonderful example for all our foster hounds showing them what retired life is all about.  We are blessed to have other loving families that welcome our hounds into their homes.  With them and the support and donations from our wonderful supporters, friends and community we are able to continue to help these amazing hounds start the next chapter of their lives.


We try to give all our hounds the best training possible before they leave our care, as well as ensuring they are healthy, happy hounds.


We are lucky to have the support of our local veterinarians at the Thornbury Veterinary Hospital. They work with us to spay, neuter & resolve any other issues if needed.

Our goal is to give these dogs the best chance possible and be adopted into loving homes.

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