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Heidi was recently featured on Friday feature! Check out this great article to learn more about Heidi and the Hounds!

Heidi's Horses & Hounds Retirement is a registered, not for profit that rehabilitates and rehomes hunting hounds and horses. 

We work with hounds from hunt clubs, as well

private dog owners, and other not for profit dog rescues, specializing in foxhounds.


Hounds are affectionate, social, smart and gentle. They enjoy the companionship of people and other animals. They have stamina for walking, riding, hiking adventures, and can also nap the day away in the warm sun.

Hounds easily become part of the family being such social dogs.


Our younger hounds make perfect walking, riding, hiking companions. They enjoy playing with children and other dogs.

Our retired hounds are not looking to hunt anything but the couch. They make wonderful office pets, and enjoy a less active homes that are looking for companionship.


We try to give all our hounds the best training possible before they leave our care, as well as ensuring they are healthy, happy hounds.


We love taking on the responsibility of rehoming these hounds in need and appreciate all of the support we receive from people like you. 

 As a registered not for profit we rely completely on donations from our supporters to help us help hounds.

We are lucky to have the support of our local veterinarians at the Thornbury Veterinary Hospital. They work with us to spay, neuter & resolve any other issues if needed.

Our goal is to give these dogs the best chance possible and be adopted into loving homes.

Can you help us help hounds? 

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